February 10, 2017 ~ NationalSinglesDay.US

Beyond Romance: 6 Ways to Own this Valentine’s Day, Single-Style!

Let’s face it, even the most grounded and self-assured among us can find themselves treading water in a sea of conflicting emotions as Valentine’s Day rolls around. Pummeled for weeks on end by the relentless marketing machine of holiday-fueled, happy couple-focused “love,” spurring an outbreak of candy-red hearts, popping up everywhere from the grocery store to…

September 18, 2016 ~ NationalSinglesDay.US

National Singles Day Has Moved… to September!

desktop wood & calendar_thumbnail_3In an act of singles-celebrating solidarity, National Singles Day has announced it is moving its January 11th (1.11) date to coincide with the last Saturday of Unmarried and Single Americans Week, observed during the third week of September. “We are very excited to join forces with National Singles Week. September is when the Census Bureau releases its data on… More »

January 1, 2016 ~ Singular Magazine & SingularCity.com

National Singles Day
Returns to West Hollywood!

The 3rd annual National Singles Day, the brainchild of single woman Karen Reed, takes place on Sunday, January 10, 2016 with comedy, cocktails, gift bags and fun. We sat down with Reed to learn more about her effort to create a nationally recognized holiday on January 11 to celebrate those who are living single and to raise awareness in the business community of this significant segment of our country’s… More »

JJanuary 12, 2015 ~ West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine.com

Second Annual National Singles Day, What a West Hollywood Success!

WHL_article_thumbnailThe 2nd Annual National Singles Day on Jan 11th was quite the success. The event was held at The Horn in West Hollywood. Festive singles came out for cocktails, speakers, awards and giveaways from local business! Founder, Karen Reed had guest speakers: Gordon Morris, Unmarried Equality, Heidi Shink, West Hollywood Human Services & Planning Commissioner and West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine’s cover boy Madison Hildebrand on stage to speak to the room on… More »

January 5, 2015 ~ Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., PsychCentral.com

National Singles Day, January 11: Consciousness-Rasing, Discounts…

In China, the Amazon-like ecommerce giant, Alibaba, turned November 11 into a National Singles Day extravaganza. November 11 seemed like the right day to them because of the four ones, 11-11. Here in the U.S., the talented and indefatigable Karen Reed is organizing the second of what she hopes will be an annual event by the same name, National Singles Day, on January 11, whichMore »

December 16, 2014 ~ WestHollywoodLifestyle.com

Who Says Single Isn’t Sexy?

Mia 111National Singles Day, a day of recognition for the unmarried half of our adult population, is well on its way to becoming as venerated as Valentine’s. With singles outnumbering married people forMore »

January 29, 2014 ~ Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., PsychCentral.com

Taking Singles Seriously ~ In A Fun Way

Karen-Reed-at-Singles-DayWell over 100 million Americans are single, yet as a group, they are not really taken all that seriously. What they contribute to society is mostly overlooked, and the ways in which they are stereotyped, stigmatized, discriminated against, and ignored… More »

January 9, 2014 ~ Stevie St. John, WeHoVille.com

In WeHo, ‘Singles Day’ Will Prove One is Far from the Loneliest Number

If you didn’t have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas and are feeling a bit grim about next month’s Valentine’s Day, you might want to head to West Hollywood Park Saturday and join others in embracing your single status. That’s where West… More »

January 8, 2014 ~ Bella DePaulo, PsychologyToday.com

The First American Singles Day Celebration

bella-depaulo-herself250For years, I have been talking about and celebrating National Singles Week, which takes place in the third week of September and is recognized by the Census Bureau. Recently, I got an email from a very enthusiastic single person, Karen Reed, who would like… More »

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8 Reasons Why Travelling Alone Is Good For You - Travel Lexx

Timeless tips from the folks at Travelexx [worldwide journey] Inc. Every one of their 8 reasons is right on - choose your own pace, meet more people, find common ground, do all the things YOU want to ... See more

Travelling alone can seem scary and overwhelming. Yet, solo travel is one of the most rewarding ways to see the world. Here are my top reasons why everyone should experience travelling alone at least ... See more

4 months ago

Happy Weekend! :) #dreamit #liveit #shareit

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National Single Parent Day, USA

Reach out and give a like and a hug. It's National Single Parent Day!

In 1984 Pres. Ronald Reagan proclaimed March 21st as "National Single Parent Day" to recognize the contributions and achievement single parents make.

6 months ago

Good one. :)

7 months ago

Enjoying a very, very short to-do list today... :) #singlevalentines #singlelife

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Happy New Year! ✨ #savvysingles #beyourself #singleisbeautiful #hny2018

10 months ago
If You're Single and Don't Have Kids, Tracee Ellis Ross Has a Message For You

RIGHT ON Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Globe-winning actor on the TV series, "black-ish" and a single woman in her 40's. She's calling out a world that "often doesn't support all she's achieved," owning ... See more

It's really interesting to be a woman, and to get to 45, and to not be married, and to not have kids.

10 months ago

Thank you for your service and our freedom. #VeteransDay #VeteransDay2017

11 months ago
How staying single could improve your life

MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE One single at a time. Rather than creating a society of lonely narcissists, research shows that single people are responsible for quite the opposite, creating a ... See more

Being single affects your individual freedom, self-realization, finances, and work-life balance, among other things.

11 months ago
Instagram post by National Singles Day • Oct 12, 2017 at 1:32am UTC

Status: Superstar. #singletruths

17 Likes, 1 Comments - National Singles Day (@nationalsinglesday) on Instagram: “#reallife #doingme #singlelife #lifeisgood #memyselfandi #goingsolo #single #singlewomen #singlemen…”

11 months ago
Opinion | We Thought Marriage Made Us Healthier. We Were Wrong

OP-ED – Another healthy serving of reality from social scientist, blogger and demystifier extraordinaire, Dr. Bella DePaulo – at NBC News.com. Get the #singlefacts #singlelife #savvysingles ... See more

Single people all over the world love their life. And we’re beginning to understand why.

11 months ago
The No.1 factor in happiness isn't wealth or popularity — but too many people overlook it at every turn

SINGLE & HAPPY Single people would seem to have a built-in advantage when it comes to happiness. Just listen to this excerpt from Business Insider's recent article on the topic: "A report by the ... See more

Autonomy is an incredibly important part of overall satisfaction with life, but engaging with negative self-talk stops us from feeling self-empowered.

11 months ago
Single workers aren’t there to pick up the slack for their married bosses and colleagues

DOLLARS & SENSE – Why is it that single people seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to pay, promotions, perks and time off? Employers tend to cater to coupled and married employees, ... See more

Most childless single people are not the emotionally untethered and financially untroubled beings that employers sometimes believe them to be.

12 months ago
National Singles Day

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Official event hostess and Singles Day spokesperson, Tristan Tanya, rallying the crowd with quiz questions and free t-shirts at West Hollywood’s 3rd Annual Singles Day event.

Girls just wanna have fun! Breaking out the selfie stick at Singles Day 2015 in West Hollywood, CA.

Comedian & MC Vicki Wagner, winner of the 2015 “Single Star” award. Vicki MC’d the 1st National Singles Day event in the U.S.

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